Our vineyards are grown in the municipality of Gratallops, in the heart of Priorat (Catalonia). We currently own 15 hectares.

The grapes are selected at origin so that those that do not meet the desired quality standard, are discarded at the time of harvest.

Each strain is prepared to produce a maximum of 800 grams of grapes, however we only take advantage of one part, getting only 300 cl of each.Thanks to this selection process we ensure the highest quality in the final product that is our precious wine.

The terrain where our vineyards are located is steep and steep, forming the so-called ‘terraces’ typical of the Priorat, which does not allow us to work with machinery at an industrial level and forces us to carry out all the processes in an artisanal way.

The licorella, an old slate on which our vines grow, allows the little water that falls in the Priorat to be stored and preserved, so that the roots of the vines take the nutrients they need even in times of plenty of sun and little rain . And all this gives the wine, a very mineral and intense flavors.

Our winery and our vineyards

Wine tradition

We have the denomination ‘Village Wine’ which indicates that the entire process, from the location of the vineyards, vintage, production, bottling, labeling to storage and logistics, are carried out in the same municipality of Gratallops, and also third parties do not intervene .

D.O.Q Priorat

Our denomination of origin, DOQPriorat, is one of the two currently existing in Spain, with the qualification of Qualified (Qualified).

Rioja (since 1991) and Priorat (since 2006) are the only two qualified appellations of origin within the Spanish wine sector..

DOQ Priorat
DOQ Priorat


By regulation, an appellation of origin to be qualified must comply with:

  • A minimum of 10 years as denomination of origin.
  • All bottled wine is sold through its cellars.
  • Fierce control systems.
  • Prohibition of coexistence in the same wine cellar not covered by the DOC • Map delimitation of the municipalities under the DOC


This qualification was obtained, due to the great recognition for the quality and specificity that the DO Priorat wines were acquiring, and in compliance with Royal Decree 157/88 of February 22 and Regulation (EEC) 1493/99 of May 17 . (D.O.Q.Priorat )