Sant Jeroni Rosé

Carinyena (Samsó) 100%
Adult vineyard, planted since 2001.

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Carinyena (Samsó) 100%
Adult vineyard, planted since 2001.

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Carinyena (Samsó) 100% Adult vineyard, planted since 2001.


Harvested on September 30, 2016 Pressed after manual selection on table Fermented in a barrel at a controlled temperature of 18 to 22º.

Technical data

Acquired volumetric alcohol content: 13% vol. Total acidity: 5.3 g / L Total sulfur dioxide (E-220): 103 mg / L Residual sugar: 0.2 g / L Acetic acid: 0.4 g / L

Tasting note

View: Medium pink in color, with a coppery and orange note; clean and bright and with a dense tear. Nose: Medium intensity, clean, with very well integrated wood notes and yielding all the predominance to fruity aromas of a fruit not very ripe, but sweet. They are accompanied by light smoked touches, charcoal and mauve flowers, Mouth: At first it gives us the sensation of a certain sweetness but it is an impression that quickly passes and allows us to perceive the wine that is actually: dry, unctuous, of good amplitude, good structure, of correct acidity, slight bitterness, something warm and with good persistence at the end of the mouth.