Our essence

About us

The surname Basté, has been known for some time in the Priorat, since since 1989, our uncles had already produced their first wines, later in 2003, the second generation (our cousins) were incorporated, giving an impulse and increasing the different wines that today elaborate.
Celler Mas Basté.

History of the winery

We come from a family with a long tradition in winemaking. We have relatives who make wine in the DO Riveira Sacra, also in the DO Priorat for many years. Hence our sensitivity to the world of wine.
After collaborating and participating for years in the development of different family wines, we thought it was time to start our own winery and be able to make our own wines looking for a very personal product, more according to our taste and opinion.

That's how in 2007, Celler Mas Basté was born.

History of the name.


The name of Peites, is the name of a small village in the province of Lugo (Galicia), in the municipality of Sant Clodio, near the river Sil, in the heart of Riveira Sacra.
My political family comes from this village, which encouraged me to start this wine project. They also make wine, and have always appreciated this culture around the vineyards. It is in gratitude for his support, and in his memory, that we decided to put Peites to our wines, so we will perpetuate his name, of a village, which like many in Galicia, is being depopulated, and could even end up being abandoned.

It is also a recognition to Xose Manuel, Irene, Rosario and Matilde who showed me the path of humility and simplicity as well as the effort and dedication, when it comes to doing things, and that we have applied to our wines and our winery .

The wines


We have different varieties of grapes, all of them, within those accepted by our DOPriorat (Appellation of Origin).

We currently have Garnacha negra, Garnacha blanca, Syrah, Cariñena, Pedro Jimenez.